15 Finches
We're a team within your team
We aren't your typical agency, consultant or accelerator.
We integrate with startups and assume many roles in order to synthesize knowledge gaps and team silos

Equipped with diverse startup experience, we help strengthen your core mission-product-consumer alignment

We offer long-term working partnerships with startups to help them grow and accelerate over time

By working with teams and founders over time, we are able to build a deep understanding of the mission and business in order to navigate the countless challenges

We provide agile and growth-friendly working relationships to alleviate startup restrictions

Designed to address the cash flow and burn-rate challenges that startups continuously face, we offer alternative compensation solutions

Our Services
Full suite of services customized for the growing startup
Brand Audit & Discovery
We identify the most important elements of your brand DNA through a strategic process that is customized for each company based on their unique set of conditions. We conduct research, focus groups, questionnaires and interviews in order to gather a complete understanding of the brand dynamics, the ecosystem and the industry. We uncover the deep behaviors, desires and motivations that drive your target audience.
Brand Strategy
This is where the big ideas and game-changing solutions are created. By exploring the brand through our strategic frameworks and a perspective that has been cultivated from years of working with startups in unique business environments, we are able to create unique and valuable concepts that align the brand to its audience. We help decide the direction the company should go in. This process creates the foundation that successful brands are built upon.
Brand Identity
We craft powerful brand identity systems that are agile, scalable and composed of meaningful identity elements that bring your mission and value proposition to life in a way that is easily digestible and exciting to the customer. This process builds brands that tell meaningful stories and drive engagement.
Marketing Strategy & Activation
Nothing gets people more excited about a brand than messages that touch their emotions. We focus our audience targeting and media planning to maximize exposure, optimize reach and engagement with those who matter most to your company.
User Experience Design
From the simplest marketing websites to the most complicated digital experiences, we craft and choreograph the most effective user experiences. We go beyond the basic persona development and ensure that the user experience aligns to your brand promise.
Development & Engineering
We have highly trained software engineers who can build anything. Not only do we build marketing sites, but we also help implement front end interfaces for dashboards, SaaS platforms and more. Our engineers are integrated early on into all projects with a digital component to ensure that the strategy and innovation concepts are fully explored. By working as a multidisciplinary team, we iterate more experimentally and with a wider perspective. This allows the final digital product experience to be both enjoyable and consistent with the brand promise.
Product & Business Innovation
Great products come from a unique alignment from vision and mission to product execution. We do this by ideation experiments, brainstorming workshops, prototyping and elastic creative exploration. Our in depth experience with companies of all kinds allows us to have an understanding of various industry landscapes and unique business ecosystems.
finch head
What the Finch?
The 15 Finches name references a major discovery by Charles Darwin during the survey voyage of HMS Beagle at the Galapagos islands. Due to the absence of other species of birds, the finches that Darwin discovered had adapted to new niches. Each species adapted differently over time to the unique environments in order to thrive and survive. The finches beaks and bodies changed allowing them to eat certain types of foods such as nuts, fruits, and insects. The finches played an important part in the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.