15 Finches Partnership Program

Mentorship, transformational workshops and an array of services to help your startup adapt and grow.

The Program

Offering the best early-stage startups access to mentorship, transformational workshops and an array of creative, development and product services during the three month program. Accepted startups will receive a unique program schedule as well as networking and pitch opportunities with founders and VCs.

Rolling Admission - Apply anytime

What the program entails

  • 3 month timeline
  • Curated program for your startup’s unique needs
  • Mentorship from experts and founders
  • Intensive stress testing, refining pitch and improving product workshops
  • Full service creative, development and product team at your disposal
  • Networking and pitch opportunities with founders and VCs
  • 1-5% equity in your company, operating expenses charged for creative, dev, product team

Services provided

  • Brand Strategy & Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Marketing Materials & Activation
  • Product Strategy
  • Product Engineering (MVP and beyond)
15 Finches Partnership Program

What do our partnership program startups receive?


Curated program and mentorship to help reach the next growth stage


Fully integrated startup-focused creative agency to help execute on objectives


Networking and pitch opportunities with industry experts, founders and VCs

Built for You

Curated for Your Startup’s Needs

Every startup is different. We've found that the best path to helping startups succeed is not to force them into a specific program model with predefined equity, schedule and mentors. Instead, we like to build the program around the startup. If accepted into the accelerator program, your startup will receive a unique schedule that will contain specific sprints, defined services over time and meetings with hand-selected mentors, founders and VCs that relate to your product and industry. The amount of equity and compensation that we'll recommend will relate directly to your needs, stage and valuation. The goal is to help minimize your burn rate and maximize your opportunities for growth and fundraising.

Where we focus

Technology-enabled B2B and B2C focus

We're primarily focused on working with web-based digital products, both B2B and B2C. These may include SaaS platforms, D2C businesses or any tech-enabled businesses. If your startup doesn't fit within these categories, don't worry! We still consider strong applicants who fall outside of our primary selection criteria.

Our Community

Founder, Startup and VC Community

One of the most important aspects of our partnership program is the community of founders, experts and venture capital groups within our network. You'll have access to people who have done it before and who want to help. At the end of the accelerator program we'll make introductions to VCs who may be interested in hearing your startup pitch.

The companies that we've worked with have received over $500M of investments from

15 Finches Partnership Program

Let’s get building!