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Finix's Payments Infrastructure-as-a-Service decreases the time, cost, and headache SaaS businesses, ISVs, and marketplaces experience when bringing payments in-house. We helped design and build the Finix website, which included a visual refresh and updated color palette. We helped launch the new website on the day of their Series A announcement. Our challenge was to make the vision for Finix come to life in a clear, simple and modern website that makes the website visitor feel as though the company and technology is not only powerful, but easy to use.
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How We Helped
Website Design
Website Development
Visual Design
User Experience
Richie Serna
Sean Donovan
Bain Capital Ventures
Insight Partners
Act One Ventures
Aspect Ventures
Precursor Ventures
Visual Design Strategy
We designed the website to be primarily composed of a white background in order to have the website viewer focus on the content. The background is softened and branded with floating gradient shapes that are based on the logo geometry design. To make sure the website is visually interesting and that the content is easily digestible, we created an illustration style that uses bright colors selectively and flat graphics to show the platform and code snippets. This helps make Finix feel both techie and friendly.
Enhancing Design Through the Tech Stack & Front End Development
We approached the development of the website with the clean visual design and blog feature in mind. The website is built using the React-based static site generator Gatsby, with Contentful as the Content Management System. These technologies allowed for a streamlined workflow, particularly conducive to building out the blog feature. With modular blog components, the client can build out customized blog posts from Contentful. We added UX features such as the disappearing header to add to the smooth feeling of the site. Adding rollover effects throughout the site made the overall experience consistent with the contemporary techie design.
"15 Finches was a great partner for designing and building our website. They were able to quickly translate our vision into a new look and feel and proposed effective solutions for each of the design and technical challenges that we faced on a tight timeline."
Jareau Wade, VP Growth at Finix