Zapbuy is a one click payment solution
ZapBuy is a high-conversion sales channel, enabled by bank integrated back-end technology, which allows the customer to scan and instantly buy products directly from brands and retailers. We had the challenge of having to brand Zapbuy and create an intuitive user experience flow to purchase. The branding had to feel bright, fun, powerful, easy to use, high-energy, but also familiar and trustworthy.
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How We Helped
User Experience
Logo Design
Marketing Materials
Pitch Deck
Ashok Narasimhan
Bill Melton
Mohammad Khan
CreditEase Fintech Investment Fund
Nyca Partners
CommerzVentures GmbH
Brand Discovery & Positioning
We conducted brand discovery and brand strategy phases prior to working on any graphics. In these phases we were able to pinpoint the key motivators and pain points of the target audience when it comes to interacting with the industries of advertising platforms, online marketplaces and mobile payments. We created a logo that would visually represent the idea of a “zap”. the sharp edges and dynamic shape of the icon help the logo feel fast, efficient and secure.
Unique Purchasing User Experience
The biggest challenge in designing the user experience for Zapbuy was making the unprecedented buying process intuitive. The idea of one-click purchasing is not a typical online retail experience that customers are familiar with and shoppers often feel that it is too good to be true when buying something is so easy. We had to design a flow that makes sense to the user in order to minimize friction, but also build trust and convince the buyer that this is a secure and trusted purchasing method.