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Made for drinksmiths - Orchestra is everything you need to go from a make-it-up-as-you-go operation into an all-knowing, unstoppable juggernaut of a business. We created the new website, digital experience, graphics and other marketing materials for Orchestra's new brand relaunch. The process to create the new website was highly strategic and product-oriented. We went through dozens of designs and copy iterations with the Orchestra team to create and perfect the final message and website design. Overall, the new Orchestra website is straight-forward, clean, on-brand and drives new customer leads.
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Creating a brand’s digital expression
With the basics of Orchestra’s new branding in place, it was our job to realize the brand’s new digital identity. Elements such as the flowing, overlapping backgrounds found throughout the site help to define the brand’s ethos: energetic and professional, with a unique charm. The same goes for the quote carousel, which features photos and testimonials of Orchestra’s clients. The clean design emphasizes usability, while the zippy animations and interactivity add a certain playfulness and excitement.
Improving experiences through development
From a technical standpoint, it was vital that the Orchestra site load quickly and be easy to update. As with many of our projects, we built out Orchestra’s website using Gatsby, a React-based static site generator. Building a statically generated website means that we can assemble the webpages beforehand, saving visitors from time-consuming calls to a database. This can dramatically improve the user’s load time, which has the direct benefit of lowering the bounce rate. We also integrated the website with Contentful, a Content Management System with a friendly, robust user interface, which allows Orchestra’s team to easily update their new website.