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Brand Positioning of FOMO Baking Co.

FOMO Baking Co. Branding

FOMO Baking Co. is a gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free and soy free company that bakes cookie bites and cookie cakes. Both founders of FOMO had many years where they both experienced a serious lack of options for foods they could safely eat. They had countless dinners, events, weddings as well as the more frequent dining and coffee shop experiences that resulted in a “fear of missing out” because they couldn’t safely eat most available food. The founders decided enough was enough.

Our Strategic Approach and Brand Positioning

In a brainstorming session with the founders, we conceived of the name FOMO after deciding that our audience is not going to be just people with allergies, but people who are “trend-eaters” as well as people who need to be convinced that allergen-free food can be fun too. While the name is inspired by the feeling that people with allergies often feel, the branding is quite unique. When most people think of gluten-free or egg-free or anything-free, they think tasteless or bad and visualize bland, brown, green, gray packaging of the product.

We decided to create a brand that would be bright, bold, fun, young and exciting. FOMO is a celebration of food, where everyone can eat AND everyone can enjoy. By intentionally branding FOMO this way, the company takes a stand that allergen-free can be all of those positive words that are almost never associated with this area of the food industry.

The Homepage Design of
Website Pages Mockup of
Packaging for FOMO Baking Co.

The Logo Design

The logo for FOMO Baking Co. is a unique chat bubble design. The icon is highly recognizable and positions the company as something very different from your typical allergen-free brand - it is intentionally designed to be more of a lifestyle brand that should feel familiar, trustworthy and fun to a younger generation. Not everyone has an allergy, but everyone knows someone with an allergy. The chat bubble represents this word of mouth communication that spreads word about FOMO so that people who have always missed out don’t have to anymore.

Learn more about our work with FOMO Baking Co here.

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